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5 Years ago, we developed a Mobile Ordering Software.
We successfully helped a few hundred of clients to increase their salesman performance 





What is SalesHero Benefit ?

SalesHero Van Sales Ordering Apps can help salesman to

Improve your sales team performance by speeding up the ordering process

Spend your time selling, not filling forms



 Reduces sales admin’s workload

No more needs to answer salesman call inquiring customer’s last price and stock quantity



 Avoid miscommunication and mistake 

between salesman and sales coordinator



 Save time & Money $$

No need to retype all the orders again  



 Know All You need to know 

360⁰ view of your customers: past orders, outstanding debts, WIP orders and etc



Make Ordering Paper-Free

Fast, Immediate and Error-Free order taking on any mobile device



Boost the image of your company

among competition in every sales meeting





How salesman create order when meeting customer?

This is a SalesHero demo video





What is SalesHero ?

SalesHero is a Salesman Apps, Van Sales Software and iPad Ordering Software

SalesHero is a Sales Force Automation Software. It is specially designed for B2B wholesaler salesmen to simplify order taking process.


iPad Ordering Solution
SalesHero – iPad Mobile Ordering Software






iQuickSales ( Van Sales ) Exhibition in KLCC
SalesHero Exhibition in KLCC
Print Tax invoice with iQuickSales ( Van Sales )
Print Tax invoice with SalesHero
( Van Sales ) iPad Installed with iQuickSales
iPad Installed with SalesHero
iQuickSales / Sales Hero ( Van Sales ) Installation In Progress
Installation In Progress



Main Features

  1. Sales Order 
  2. Cash Sales / Van Sales
  3. Customer Payment
  4. Credit Note (CN)
  5. Aging Report
  6. Print Tax Invoice
  7. Check Last Purchase History
  8. Customer Credit Control
  9. iCatalog
  10. Offline Ordering

Suitable Industry

  • Autoparts / Spare parts Distributor
  • FMCG Distributor
  • Wholesaler for Food & Snack
  • Stationery Dealer
  • Grocery Distributor (杂货 批发商)
  • Food & Snack Distributor
  • Toy, Baby & Kids Product
  • Sporting Goods Outdoor





Seamlessly extend your ERP and accounting system

 •  SQL Accounting  •  SAGE UBS  •  Autocount  
• EMAS • QNE  •  Master Accounting
•  Million  •  Multics (Navitas)




Q: If I went to a place without internet access can I create an order ?
A: Yes, SalesHero do not require internet access to create order。


iQuickSales Sales Hero ( Van Sales ) Training
SalesHero Training
( Van Sales ) Installation
SalesHero Installation
iQuickSales Sales Hero ( Van Sales ) Presentation
iQuickSales ( Van Sales ) On Site Support
On site Support




Don’t just take our word for it.

Here’s what past customers have had to say about SalesHero


No Order Mistake, No More Argument

     “Before using SalesHero Mobile Sales, there are always mistakes in pricing, such as latest price of product has not been updated. Furthermore, my clerk’s eyes are tired because key in too much order and mistake occurred.


      Besides, my clerk busy in picking up salesman phone to check price and stock balance. Moreover, delivery staff faces returns of goods because of order mistake.


      After using SalesHero, it helps me to save timesave cost. I do not need to recruit experience clerk to handle order. In addition, SalesHero also reduce miscommunication and arguments between my salesperson and clerk!  

Ms Tan Ah Yeen from Khim Fook Trading S/B (Alor Setar)




原本需要4名书记开单 突然两位没事做在摇脚

于是马上安排帮忙追账,在一年期内 省下超過RM50K的开销而且还帮助提升公司CASH FLOW!”

VIVIAN 拥有10salesman 摩托零件批发商

檳城 Bukit Mertajam




Jeff 拥有5salesman 摩托零件批发商

Petaling Jaya




After Using SalesHero, Customer prefer to order with us

“Because when customer have urgent order,

our sales person can send the order back to office immediately and

we can deliver the product on the spot

Mr Puah FMCG批发商





在还没有使用SalesHero前,我每天打salesman的单打到很晚,我在外面order的sales回到公司,還要自己打单,一直在front end忙,没有时间expand network

現在使用SalesHero後,我比较有时间做其他东西,order 全部有black&white可以马上看价钱,不須打單!

Elvis, Autoparts批发商





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