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Welcome to CHRIS, a web and mobile application service ready to simplify your business model and help you achieve your business’s sales while managing all vital aspects of managements and accounting.

        Are you a business owner within the northern, central, southern, and Kota Kinabalu regions in Malaysia looking for business solutions within web and mobile applications that can boost sales, simplify accounting, and management over other aspects of your business?


Your Business Got Problem, We Got The Answers!

Our team of professionals have had more than 10 years of experience in both software development and customer service. We know what we are doing, and we can give you our words to make your business operate at its best!

          The modern business world is a system that constantly changes as businesses are facing new challenges on a daily basis. Due to regulation, laws, and business model changes, businesses are in need of professional solutions to adapt to these constant changes and to further continue their growth.        

        Unlike many web and mobile applications that specialize in solving one specific solution, we make it easier to get the right business solutions all in one place, whether it is to help keep track of sales, accounting, and management, you can find it all here!

The Key Points That Makes Us Different

  • We have meet our customer expectations for over 10 years! Trust that our service will easily meet your expectation.
  • Our company is valued on its innovative, simplicity and stability. New challenges will not be an issue of uncertainty, we have professionals who work in teams to make sure our innovations are kept simple and able to guarantee you maximum stability!
  • Our dedicated team of experts provide five-star customer support via email, phone call and remote tools.
    We make it a priority to understand your business needs and will not leave you confused with our services.

What We Provide

We have developed many innovative products that helps to deal and adapt with the growing needs for simple, proper and professional solutions within the changing business world.

  • SALES HEROThis application is an ordering solution for salesman. An easy way to keep everything tracked and improve your sales rate!
  • BOSS Plus – It is a mobile reporting apps to help a busy CEO check his or her company’s important numbers. It also provides simple and effective analysis to scale your business and make proper on-the-go decisions!
  • GST Compliance Accounting Software in Malaysia – A proper accounting software that will comply with all rules, laws, and regulations of the accounting system based in Malaysia. Keep all your business’s records organized while handling all accounting complications.
  • Warehouse Management System – A unique and powerful warehouse management tool that will allow you to keep track of inventory, shipments, and tracking.
  • Customise Software Solution – We offer a complete suite of simple-yet-powerful solutions, which is scaled and customized for small and large companies.

Our Mission

“Our mission is to help global entrepreneurs and salesman to simplify sales process and improve operation efficiency through mobile and web applications.”

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We provide the next State-Of-The-Art innovative applications and tools for growing businesses in today’s modern business world!